Do Moms get re-dos? Oh yeah, tomorrow! Good thing there are tomorrows because God graciously knows I need them. But I mean really a real re-do. If you could go back to before you had kids would you do things all different? But having the same kids?


I had so many expectations of what having kids and being a mom was. In my head it was GREAT! I would kindly say, “No Caidan you may not have that.” And he would kindly say, “Okay Mom.” I would have kids who when asked would pick up there toys without a complaint. I thought if I never yelled at my kids that they would never through fits and would always be willing to do what I asked of them. My kids would sleep through the night from the very beginning. They would know how to count so clearly. They would definitely never ever watch Television. And honestly I thought (haha [laughing at myself]) I would have patience of a saint.


I wish I could just start motherhood over knowing that being a mom is hard gosh darn work. Like really hard. It isn’t just physically hard, but emotionally it’s draining. My patience gets tested every day, maybe even a few times a day. The guilt of mother can be so strong that sometimes it’s hard to push it aside. There are probably a million and one things I would do differently had I known what it would have looked like. But I don’t and  I don’t get to re-do. I just have tomorrow. And tomorrow morning I will start off with more patience than I had tonight and hope that it won’t dwindle too fast.


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