16 weeks

16 weeks and I am almost half way there. I took a picture for the first time this pregnancy. It isn’t great since its from my phone but it does the job.

First I thought I would show you pictures from when I was pregnant from Caidan and Kloe (you know to see the difference!)

This is with Caidan at 22 weeks


This is with Kloe at 13 weeks


Baby #3 at 16 weeks

Okay after seeing all those pictures together… I look bigger with #3 at 16 weeks then with Caidan at 22 weeks! OMG! And really if I had normal size boobs I would look even bigger. But God graciously gave me BIG ta-tas!

This week has been a big improvement from the previous weeks. And I probably gained back the 6 pounds I lost since becoming pregnant! 🙂 But I am starting to feel the effects of being big now… like not sleeping and my back aching! I always have back aches during my pregnancies I just don’t remember it ever being this early. But it comes with the territory!


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