You never get tired

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I am 14 weeks
14 weeks since we created this little being
14 weeks this little being has been growing

I had a regular appointment yesterday and it was the first day I heard the heart beat
It really never gets old, it never gets boring
It’s always a thrill
A joy

These first months can be very hard, annoying, and frustrating
Really all you know those first couple months is your pregnant
You might get at ultra sound but sometimes you don’t
Sometimes you just have to trust that this little being you created is actually there

I am excited that these next couple months are going to change
I’ve started to feel those first flutters
I heard the first heartbeat (168)

But now I want to look pregnant
I want to feel those kicks that wake you up
You know the ones that make you think “did I just pee my pants?”
I want Chris to be able to feel the baby

In November July seemed so far away
But we’ve already gone threw almost 3 months
Which means I only have 6 months
(okay I’m not gonna lie that seems like A LOT!)

But I know that this phase is near its end
And when that end is here
I am going to party with all those foods that I haven’t been able to eat
All those foods I once loved so much
That well I haven’t touched in a long time

And I am pretty sure my family will be happy to have a full pantry again


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