I’m sorry…

I’m sorry. I haven’t updated since November. I had written a couple post but they got sent to the draft folder. I meant to publish them but never did and then I forgot.

Thanksgiving came and went. It was very different from other years just because I was pregnant. The normal things I like I didn’t. Which I was bummed about because I was looking forward to some good ole sweet potatoes my mom makes and they just weren’t the same. My sisters and I went out on Black Friday but because there was nothing that we “had” to have we waited and went out a little later. Which was actually very nice. But of course a lot of things were already gone. Not so nice part was that I felt horrible. Part of it was because I hadn’t eaten right away but the other part was because they make stores so darn warm. And this pregnant woman does not like the heat. Hot FLASHES!!!

December seemed like a lot happened but went by really fast. Which I was grateful for. We had Christmas with Chris’ mom’s side of the family and it was nice and chill. Kids got art stuff which they are still so excited about. We also go to meet #3 for the first time… well we got to see #3.
We also found out we were a week further than my original dates. Which I think I was the most excited about. That meant one less week of being sick. Everything looked good. I wouldn’t say that this pregnancy is hard just more difficult this time around. I thought it was hard having a 6 month old and being pregnant but I think I would do that 10 times over over having 2 toddlers. (Yes Caidan was 6 months when I got pregnant with Kloe…they are 13 months apart.)
Next was Christmas. And it was Christmas. I didn’t take any pictures because you can imagine 2 toddlers talking about Santa coming for over a month how excited they were when they woke up Christmas morning and saw all the presents under the tree. I think it took Caidan less than 5 minutes to unwrap all his 8 presents. I tried to get video but that wasn’t happening either. So I have the memories in my head of the way Caidan and Kloe looked as they opened each of their presents.
I was excited about Christmas but I was just as excited to get it over with. I had no energy as it was so to add all that excitement and hustle was just not for me this year.  But the kids enjoyed it and really that’s all that matters.
For the past 3 years we always go to my parents for New Years Eve/New Years to spend Christmas with them. It lets us be home and enjoy our family for Christmas but we still get to be with our family too. So New Years Eve we headed to my parents house. They live about 6 hours away. Which isn’t very far but far enough (i hate traveling.) The kids used to do really well but now they are just getting to the age where they are asking “are we there yet?” Caidan started saying “Gigi’s (that’s what they call my mom) house is too far away!” (but play that back in a whining voice.) It was a nice mini trip. And then we all came home and got sick with colds and sore throats it was GREAT!

So that’s where we are today getting over our sicknesses. It seemed that we were all sick at once which is great because its not a long drawn out thing but it sucks because we still have 2 kids to take care of. But we are slowly getting over it. And we are all going stir crazy… well I just think the kids are. I could care less to go any where for a long period of time. But one of these days I need to get them out to burn some energy. I just can’t wait to not feel like this anymore. Not knowing what I ever want to eat. Wanting to run to the bathroom and hug the toilet. Having no patience for my kids because I am hungry and need to eat. Having this cold/headache that makes all the above things 10 times worse. But I should only have a few more weeks. And if I can go through 10 weeks of what I just did a few more weeks doesn’t sound so long.

That really is all that has been going on. I will try to take more pictures of the kids but you know inside pictures aren’t always so great compared to the outside beautiful light. 🙂

Oh I forgot to mention that we got a new dog. Which is really funny because every time I get pregnant we get another dog. But she is a sweetie. Her name is Sugar and we saved her from outside. This was her the day we rescued her. We had found her outside that Thursday and been trying to catch her. We finally caught her Monday. She wouldn’t have lasted much longer. We took her to the vet that day because she was so tiny. They said she looked good but she was dehydrated. So they gave her some fluids and sent us home. We did contact the animal shelter and police station to see if any body had reported her missing but nothing. She is so loving and the kids love no I mean LOVE her. And she loves them the same. We are starting to see her personality come out and although we have some training to do with her she really is a great dog. She is just over a year and not knowing how long she had been outside (the vet said she was either treated bad or had been out for a while) so she kind of acts like a puppy. She wants to chew on EVERY THING. But we are working on one thing at a time and potty training her is most important at this point. 🙂 I have to say that she looks really bad in that picture compared to what she looks like now. Now she looks like she is taken care of. 🙂


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