I hate not knowing what to do as a parent. I hate yelling at my kids because I am so frustrated with them. I hate that parenting is always a guessing game.

Honestly I don’t even know if its them today or if its me being hormonal! I want to say both because right now I don’t want to feel like a horrible parent.

I love my kids but man you know those days when you just want to check out as a parent… Yea I am there right now! I’m struggling right now because I don’t even know how to explain to Caidan what he just did. See he wrapped an ace bandage around Kloe’s neck and was pulling her. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But how to I explain to Caidan that what he was doing could have hurt her BADLY! (actually that’s exactly what I said to him!) But how do I make him understand that.

I am so scared that he is going to grow up so violent! He is not the most gentleness of a child.  About a month ago he pulled Kloe out of the play house and dislocated her elbow. Yes he’s 3yo 28lbs and pulled a 2yo 25lb out of the play house and dislocated her arm! I was so mad at him… so so so mad! I wanted her to come home with something on her arm so maybe he would understand that what he did really hurt her… but she came home with nothing on. He did apologize to her when we got home and asked her if her arm was better… but I just don’t know how to get him to understand!

I did just hear him come out of his room and say “Sorry Sissy I won’t wrap that around you anymore.” (Is that what I should look for does he get it or not!)

I’m so clueless!


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