Since Caidan has been in pre-school they have painted about every week. So since I have never let my kids paint before I thought the other day was the perfect day.

I have been trying to start getting them both to start helping around the house, trying to do “crafty” things with them. But if you know my… I am not crafty! But I am trying to be. I am trying to understand what they like to do. We don’t really color because somehow it always ends up on the walls. But I am trying…. 🙂

But back to painting…. THEY HAD A BLAST! Well I knew Caidan would since he’s been doing it at school. And Kloe well she was dainty about it. It was pretty cute!

We’ve painted almost everyday. Its so great… and really not as messy as I had expected. Now I just have to find an idea to hang them up. You know to be able to switch them out often as I am sure I might have a lot of paintings in my near future! 🙂


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