WHAT DID YOU DO!?????? Caidan Alexander… what is this??? (me pointing to the wall!) He just smiled at me, which was the wrong thing to do. He drew on the wall with a PERMANENT marker. I told yelled that he was not going to go outside with Daddy. I was furious. Furious because I had just gotten after him the day before because during nap time he wrote on his wall with  a crayon.

While he was sitting in his room (okay that sounds too sweet… he definitely wasn’t sitting and it wasn’t sweet) I was trying to think of how I am going to get it through his head that WE don’t write on walls. So then I thought I’ll make him clean it. I had a magic eraser and thought that will get it off it gets everything off. So I went in his room and told him he had to clean it off the walls. Before I gave him the sponge I tried it (to see if it was really going to come off or not) and it didn’t. Which stinks for him but hopefully it got my point across.

He thought it was funny because I was taking pictures. But he stood here for 30 minutes “scrubbing” the wall. I would have made him longer but I had to feed him and get him to school.


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