Moms need vacations too

I have to admit as a mother I need a vacation away from children, home and spouse. Its not that I don’t love them or that I can’t take care of them anymore its just that I (we, moms) need a break. And I am not talking about going out with friends for a night, I’m talking about getting away from all the hustle and bustle and having some alone time or sister time or friend time.

This weekend at church somebody asked why Scott (the pastor) takes a break during the summer? He described it as a time to take a break from the hustle and bustle. And get his mind back on track. He said that from the end of summer to Christmas its go go go then from New Years to Easter its go go go and from Easter to the beginning of summer go go go. For him the summer is a time to take it easy read books, rejuvenate, spend time with family, and spend time with other friends.

I think as a parent we should take that as wise speaking. 🙂 Maybe we shouldn’t take a whole summer off but a weekend two times a year might not be a bad idea. I know that sometimes we as parents get so caught up in the routine or the everyday things that sometimes we really forget the most important things. There is nothing more important than spending time with our kids. I don’t know about all kids but my kids crave time with me and sometimes I find it time consuming or just annoying. But then when I do take that time and read, play, color,  jump on the trampoline or even just sit with them  I see how little I have to do for them to know that I love them or to make them happy.

But I will admit I have lost my patients for them lately. The whining and the screaming, the bickering and the getting into things are getting to me A LOT! We are moving in less than a week and my mind is on so much right now that I feel like I am being torn two, four, six, eight even ten different ways. I have to say that I have moved a lot myself but I have never had to move a WHOLE family before and I am feeling the stress. I want everything to go smoothly and quickly. I want my kids to be comfortable in the new place. I want to make sure that they have “their” things so it doesn’t feel weird for them. But I am starting to realize that I can’t get them everything. I can only do my best.

I know that most likely this is just a phase right now for me. Some days I get into funks. But I am sure that this funk might last till after we move. Its not always happy happy go lucky here. We are for sure not a perfect family and I am in no way a perfect mother. I do my best for my kids and I will always.

Someday he will hate these… but it makes me laugh when I look back at them! 🙂


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