Okay there isn’t really a tattoo… but Kloe LOVES to draw on her legs with a pen. As you can tell… 🙂

And let me tell you its not easy to get that off. And come to think of it she never did it till I got my tattoo.  I never ever wanted a tattoo that I was able to see, but this tattoo isn’t just anything. It’s the names of my kids that God has placed in my life to raise them to be who they are meant to me.

Caidan means companion. Which he always has to be with someone. But I know that one day that meaning for his name will mean far more to him.

Kloe means blooming… well what do I say about that. She has by far succeed any expectation that I had with raising a daughter. She came a long way from being in my womb, being 4 weeks early, having to deal with immature lungs when she was born and to being in the hospital for 8 days. I would NEVER in a million years trade her in for anything. But she definitely is blooming. And what she is going to bloom into I will never know only God knows. But I know whatever it is it will be Kloe.

Some people might ask why we spelled there names weird? Well… with Caidan we could never agree on a name I wanted so badly to name him Aidan. So one day Chris asked me about “Kaden” and I said I loved it as long as we could spell it with a “C” and Aidan was in it! And presto we have Caidan.

Since Chris’ name starts with a “C” and my name begins with a “K” I was determined to have that theme followed out since we did name Caidan with a “C”. Let me tell you it took a lot of convincing to have Kloe with a “K”. But after we found out it was a girl it was pretty easy… except spelling it Kloe instead of Khloe. After more and more convincing… I won! 🙂 jk!

I grew up with a name that is never ever heard of and to this day people can’t pronounce. I swear that I would never do that to my kids. But the way I see it today (now that I am older) is I love my name and my name makes me who I am. So I am sorry Caidan and Kloe that you will never go into a store and find your names on mug, pencils, rulers, key chains or shot glasses (that good cause you should never ever drink! ;)) but I hope some day you realize how awesome it is to have a name or spelling of a name so different from the rest of the world.


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  1. Haha, both our recent posts were tattoo related! I’d like to think I was your inspiration. Hehee!

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