Sleeping Boy, Grumpy Girl

I’m not so sure if Kloe was really grumpy or if the terrible twos have invaded the house. I am going to go with the combination of her getting over being sick and the terrible twos. It really is quiet hilarious! This morning she was trying to play hide under the blanket with Caidan and I but she didn’t want to hide under the blanket she just wanted to pull it off. So I told her to get off the couch. She did not like that one bit and continued to cry for almost 30 minutes. I then went to my room and a couple minutes later Chris came in and said “there is nothing wrong with her!” Which I agreed, but its what she does. But then later when I was trying to get her dressed she threw ANOTHER big fit… all over a shirt (yes she is two and screams because she doesn’t even want to wear that… wait she isn’t even two yet! HA! I am in trouble!) So the good mother I am I took a picture!

she realized i was taking a picture and turned her head

I love love love sleeping babies toddlers! Caidan the other night came into my bed. When I went to check on him after Kloe had woken me up at the butt crack of dawn I found him like this and I couldn’t resist!

He sleeps like his mom! 🙂 But he was just too precise. They just grow up to fast and I want to remember everything… even these moments that don’t even really mean anything other than he’s just so darn cute!


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