It’s days like today

It’s days like today (and yesterday) when I wish my husband worked a normal job. Yesterday and today he is working a 48 hour shift. So he left yesterday morning when we were all sleeping and hopefully (okay in my perfect world) come home right before we all wake up tomorrow morning.

I don’t get why my kids always get sick when he is gone and I am on duty all by myself. I know they don’t plan it or mean to but it is very inconvenient, annoying, tiring, impeding on my patience and a lot more. I get grumpy because I am going in two different directions. Caidan wants this Kloe wants that and wait in between all that I want something too!

Today I would just love to take a shower, but leaving two kids who are sick and crabby a lone just for 5 minutes is a bad idea. Caidan would definitely try to take something that Kloe probably didn’t have but would for sure be upset just because Caidan picked it up and they would scream back and forth till I came running in trying to decipher what just took place. Did he hit her? Did he take her toy? Why is he crying? WHAT IS WRONG?

I am not by any means complaining about my kids being sick but definitely complaining that my husband is working 48 hours! 🙂 I am glad that he has a job that we can depend on and we don’t have to worry but sometimes when he works a lot it takes a toll on all of us maybe its just me. 🙂

I just pray that I can have these two kids back! SOON!


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  1. Wishing I was there to help!!!! Love you and the kiddos!

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