Caidan turns “threve” 3

Today was the day 3 years ago that changed my life forever. Caidan Alexander joined the world. (very different than I had expected but who cares!).

3 years ago I was miserable in the hospital and just wanted him out. I didn’t know how much I would fall in love with someone who was baking in my tummy for 8 months and 1 week. He came out via c-section 3 weeks early perfectly healthy! He was 7 lbs 4oz and 19 3/4inches long… and did I mention the love of my life.

And today he turns 3….
He is more than I could have ever dreamed for and more. The things he does amazes me and I hope that throughout his life I can learn from him.

Caidan I believe that God has more in store for you than I can ever tell you. My hope is that one day you will do great things and be the man God has made you to be! I love you and am so proud to be your mom and call you son! šŸ™‚


2 Responses

  1. I am too so glad that God blessed us with this little guy!

  2. A little late, but this is so sweet! It is crazy how fast time flies.. And Kaiden is such an adorable little boy šŸ™‚

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